Save-the-Empire-Stop-the-Christians-1024x190 About

I have been working alone on this project for about 2 years.

I am happy to have reach this final phase, where it can finally become real this project with the support of the community.

If you want to know more, stay updated here and on social networks 🙂

 We-Wanna-Be-Free-1024x190 About

It is an independent video game studio (indie games, you know)

I´ll start telling you that I have thinking for 5 years, about developing games. I always knew that I´ll be working on this sooner or late (but still knowing that it will be hard)

But even knowing that, it is my choosen one, because I´m sure that it can make me feel fulfilled, and for me that is everything in the world of work (even more that easy money, etc)

 what-kind-of-games-am-i-going-to-develop-1024x190 About

Mainly management and strategy.

I also contemplate the genre of conversational adventures.

I am interested in go deep into the field of ethics and morals in some of my works.

Most of my projects are going to have a historical base.

 Me-1024x190 About

My name is Elías, I am on my mid-thirties and I am originally from southern Spain.

I really love traveling, animals, photography, history and irreverent and smart cartoon series (like Rick & Morty, South Park, Bojack Horseman, etc)

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