Gold: Mint Coin & Purity


Greetings Citizens!

Today we speak of the vile metal. That universal resource present in practically all games. Gold.

In Save the Empire we have decided to go a couple of steps beyond what is usual in the mechanics of use and administration of this resource.

We will start by saying that it is a LIMITED resource. We can extract Gold (and silver) from our mines, and then, we will have multiple options of what to do with it.

-Convert it into currency and put it into action: The most traditional use gold = wealth

-Use it to improve the economic system by increasing the purity of the currency.


What does this mean? It is a common practice through history in times of need for the state to mint money by mixing gold with other less noble metals.

Doing this, you get a fast economic boost (because you can generate more coins with the same amount of gold), but in the long term, when the currency is no longer reliable, we enter periods of hyper inflation what it brings trade deappearance and the economical system stops working.

At the beginning of the game this is a really serious problem, especially in the western part of the empire, where they have practically returned to bartering resources.


This puts us in a new position: to invest our limited gold as a short-term solution (minting currency) or long-term (restoring purity).

Also, as we can see in the image below, each area of the empire: western (represented in red), and oriental (represented in purple), they have their own purity indicator, what let us try to balance our investment, or focus on one of them, and forget the other one.

sin categoria  oro-300x105 Gold: Mint Coin & Purity


But there are many more things that will only work with GOLD briks (not with coins) such as:

-Hire entire tribes of German barbarians to serve the empire militarily

-Make purchases of special resources in the different available markets

-Pay tributes in exchange for peace to the huns

And some more…


So as you could have imagined, you will have much less gold than you would need, so you will have to order your investment priorities, paying attention to don´t get an early “game over” just because you are too focused on long-term plans 😉

And that’s all for today, what do you think? Have you any questions? In any case, feel free to comment 🙂

All the best!

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