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Today we’re going to take a quick look at the main interface and map from “Save the Empire Stop the Christians”.

In following publications we’ll see deeply some aspects of it.

As it’s well known for all of us that we play grand strategy wargames, we can find 4 well defined zones:



We can apreciate the classic separation in provinces as the smallest unit of manageable terrain.

The Roman territories (red and purple) are divide with golden lines in big regions (called diocese) which can be individual managed as “independent kingdoms” (so we’ve freedom to apply laws, taxs, etc to assist or to take advantage of, (more or less), some empire specific zones).

As opposite, “Not Roman” territories works as the classic form. They ‘re global managed with Independence of the amount of provinces of kingdoms.

In addition, the politic interface and the culture map are fused. Since each culture mean challenges and menaces, this fusion makes easier the manage.

For example, looking the map, we can see all our neighbours to north in green, they’re the german tribes.

Some supporting colors can be repited but this isn’t any real problema because the great distance between them. (as Berber tribes to the north of Africa in Brown or the Armenian región in our eastern frontier with Sasanida empire).

I can’t finish this publication without mention the enormous research work that we made to create the map.

By one hand, this historical period had a lot of invasions, migration, and regions changed of hands much times, so it’s was really a challenge to asign wach tribe or group to a specific region.

In the other hand, we made ad deep research about lakes, montains and rivers: which one were big, navigable… even at this point. (All of this can be appreciate in the map if you take a look 😉 )



From the left to right and divided in info blocks to make easier to understand all the concepts we can find the following:

Gold/wealth: This idea deserves an explanation to one side so you’ll see it very soon 😉

Essential Needs: food, minerals, consumer goods. (In addition there’s the posibility to open another resources bar with special ones or unusual ones).

Military: As the amount of soldiers in reserve as the military equipment that we made in our factories to equip them, plus some scores directly related, as support as opinion from civilians about the army.

From there to next we can see different scores or common statistics. Some of them are easy to guess even without explanation as technology area (social, economics, army).

“In Save the Empire I refer them as “alterations”, but this require another explanation apart.

As the final we won’t see factions, we’ll see the main groups from our country: Civilians, Army, and depends of VIPs, 2 different and special groups: Senate or traditional roman nobles, and grand landowners.

Because of the importance of the religion dualism in the mechanics of the game we find something unusual: instead of to have a single score, we have two: one associated to traditional roman believers and another one to christians.

This is based in our laws or decisions to support and please one group and annoy  the other one.



Here we have some old well-known that they don’t need introduction (Date, game speed, compendium/breviary, map case, etc).

So now, let’s talk about interesting topics:

No Military Units: without a doubt this point is the most of interesting, visually. All this area, as slaves, publicist, freethinkers, etc.

Allow me to introduce you your “bureaucrats and public workers” army.

Usually this section is deserted in all grand strategy wargames, limited only with the most iconic characters (merchant, diplomat, etc). In addition, it’s works with restrictive and obsolete mechanics based in tabletop games (for example: you can only use 2 merchants although you’ve excess of gold. You’re the emperor, who could stop you to waste your excess with more merchants?

Each type of not military unit costs a maintenance cost and has differents functions that can be used. In addition, they can be improved by reforms. (to improve efficiency, to reduce maintenance costs, etc).

Military: This filter show or hide all the warlike info: our army, fleets, shipyards, fortress and walls (the walls mechanic is less usual but “Hearth of Iron” players will find it too familiar).

Threats: We’ll have access to all the menaces that we’ll aware of them (either inner or external: wars, invasions, murder plots, coup d’etat…).

According to how of guarded are the people (by spy network, undercover agents…) we’ll know (more or less) data as: riskiness target level, how many time until finish it, etc.

Winter Symbol: We’ve winter mechanics harder, with more appearance as another grand strategy wargames (4x endless legend or total war saga as close as our system).

IV: game stage, each stage will have different sanctions, bonuses and special rules. These can be different between games considering that depends of our decisions, actions and previous achievements.


Perhaps the worst to be summarize without go into details. An direct access to the usual interface, starting as the most importants, an access to our nation and carácter (interface that we’ll show you soon 😉 )


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