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Today we gonna to talk a little bit about non-military units: Slaves, builders, bureaucrats, publicists, etc…

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How we mentioned before, we can support an infinite number of this kind of unit (as long as we can affor the cost of upkeep).

In addition, each one of them can be assigned to make different funtions (similar as we manage the council from Crusader Kings).

So, without further delay, let’s talk about them:


There’re few and limited  in these times. We can take some more of them with different methods: As, for example, through external markets which deal with the empire or by successful military campaigns.

They play an important role in the generation of resources for the nation, specially in mines, but also we can used them to work in managed lands directly by the nation (As Egipt).

When we don’t have enough slaves we need to subcontract the plant (this involve less profit) or we can use the public industry to exploit the resources. (this envolve a big first investment).


Our builders are an adaptable unit. We can use them in our army to improve all related to engineering or siege. Also, can be assigned to our lands to speed up construction or support the maintenance of buildings. Or directly be assigned to big works in our capitals (Rome and Constantinopla) and even hoisting walls in our frontier.


They’re expensive but required. We need them to do a lot of things:

To make functional our management of our empire, supply service to our citizens (to grow up our approval) , stop the corruption or introduce new laws.

In SESC we have mechanics by we order a law but we spend quite time until it can be applied in all our lands (as the real life) we need bureaucrats to accelate this process.


Mostly we use them to improve the approval from the society and to change their “view” of reality, making a new law or act as good and necessary (instead of bad).


They’ll represent us in foreign nations, they’ll support us to improve our relationships with them, also they’ll be useful while we’ll make a spy network in lands that we’ll designate, and of course, also, we can use them in home to deal with important members of our society as governors, army generals, and VIPs members as faction leaders.


We’ll assign them to work in foreign countries to create a spy network that give us entry to data and missions more complicated (as kidnapping, murder, etc). Of course, also, we can use them inside our empire to research anyone character, even in our army when they’ll in a military campaign to get more data about our enemy army and his strategies. This’ll allow us to adapt ours to take a big advantage over them.


They’re ships destined to move everything, without military staff assigned (can remember to cowboys from “Hearts of Iron” but with the main difference: each ship of cowboys that we create we can directly assign to a specific navy to travel with and protect them. Having said this, we can do a lot of things with them, as the common thing: fast move of army and goods.


We can assign them to diferent markets and comercial routes to defend our concerns, buy resources that we’ll want and sell our excess. Also, as diplomats, they can participate during first steps of the making of a new spy network to give us access to interesting basic data.


A specific unit, mostly assigned inside of our territory to improve the point of view from the society about the imperial cult or smear the reputation of the christian religion. (As well, both uses can seem, in essence, the same, but in on day there’ll times or perfect states to each kind, and they can make different results).


High upkeep unit and rare in these times, because the decadence of the cities and the expanse of the christianity. But freethinkers are really valuable so they can support us to promote the technological progress and generate the important “civilization points” that we’ll can exchange for rewards (as unity points in “Stellaris”)

This is all for now. We hope you liked it. Feel free to ask and comment all you want it.


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