Save the Empire Stop the Christians


Save the Empire Stop the Christians is a grand strategy & 4x game with RPG elements set in the last years of the Western Roman Empire before its fall.

(Titles like Crusader Kings 2 or Stellaris serve as a reference for a starting point).

The Empire is on the verge of collapse: the coffers are empty and the impoverished people finds comfort in a new religion and its superstitions. Meanwhile, hordes of barbarians cross the borders in an unprecedented aggression, forcing an insufficient army to exhaustion and whose glory days are left far in the past.

As if all this wasn’t enough, many other problems are present: climate change and its consequences (loss of crops, famines..) excessive corruption, terrible pandemics, etc.

But it isn’t too late yet!

It is the year 355 AD and you’ve just been appointed governor of the western part of the empire.

Your name is Julian and you are the cousin of the current emperor, the same one who ordered your entire family to be executed when you were just a child, as well as your older brother recently.

He hopes to get rid of you and has entrusted you with an impossible mission with the hope that you will fail. However, you are a young scholar of extraordinary talent and possess knowledge that will make you succeed where many others failed.

Seize the power, take your revenge, Save the Empire, stop Christianity.

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